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Mediation & Therapeutic Services for Families & Children

Supporting children and parents through separation and family conflict

BRB Mediation understands that family conflicts can be challenging and emotionally draining. Bianca Roche-Bolger, a mediation and children's mental health specialist, is here to guide you through the process of resolving disputes and rebuilding connections within your family.

Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

Mediation, also known as Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), is a process that encourages separated parents to meet together to discuss and make decisions regarding parenting arrangements for their children. Family Dispute Resolution can also be used to resolve property and/or financial issues after separation (“Property Mediation”).

Child Consultations

Child Consultation is a process that supports parents in hearing their child’s “voice” either during or  after a separation. It assists parents in conflict to understand separation from their child’s  perspective and to make decisions that keep their child’s emotional and developmental needs at  the forefront, whilst rebuilding a new parental alliance for the years ahead.  

Clinical Family Therapy

Where individual therapy concentrates on a person’s personal challenges and concerns, the aims of family therapy are to look outside the individual and engage the whole family system as a functioning unit. This more holistic approach enables family members to shift their focus, broaden their understanding of relational problems and seek creative solutions to the ways in which they may communicate, respond, and navigate the emotional field of relationships. 

Collaborative Coaching

The Collaborative Family Law Process brings together professionals across all the disciplines involved in Family Dispute Resolution so that your family can resolve parenting and property arrangements outside of the courts. The Collaborative Coach is the team leader that coordinates between the participants (the separating couple involved in the dispute) and their support teams (which could include financial advisors, lawyers, and child specialists).

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