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Bianca was recommended to me by one of the top lawyers in Australia and I met her during the most difficult time of my life, dealing with a separation of an 8-year relationship with my son’s father. My son was only few months old at the time. Although the relationship with my son’s father is conflictual and still pending for court proceeding, we managed thanks to Bianca to establish a very well-suited parenting plan from the beginning and still in place today. Our son is blossoming, and I could not be more grateful for Bianca’s mediation sessions. It is without question, the best thing we have done for our son since separation. 


Bianca is calm, trustworthy, authentic, caring and is a real expert in child psychology, separation and mediation. I feel that my son’s father and I are so fortunate to have Bianca assisting our family to co-parent the best way we possibly can.


Separation for adults and children is such a challenging situation, and one of the most difficult processes to go through. Bianca helped to make it as comfortable, safe and open as it could possibly be. I will always be so thankful for the kindness, and support she gave to our family.


Your advice has been invaluable as well as the care and concern you have shown.


If it wasn’t for Bianca my children would not be coming to my home, and quite possibly may not be in my life. Very grateful for all you have done in helping heal our family.

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